Year-Round Pool Care – Expert Tips to Maintain Your Pristine Pool in Every Season

Is pool cleaning & maintenance bothering you every season?

Your pool is a luxury that offers pure relaxation and enjoyment year-round. However, keeping your pool pristine in every season requires diligent maintenance. From keeping algae blooms clear in the summer to protecting it from freezing temperatures in the winter, every season brings unique challenges for pool owners.

Our comprehensive guide explores expert tips and techniques to care for your swimming pool throughout the year.

Spring Pool Care

It’s the season of nature awakening from the winter slumber. Spring marks the beginning of pool season for most Americans. After months of redundancy and neglect, your pool may require extra maintenance to restore water clarity and balance. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) informs us that 80% of pool owners experience water clarity issues during the spring season.

Jim’s How To | Spring Pool Care: Keep Your Pool Clean and Ready for Summer

Pool cleaning experts recommend a thorough cleaning, including skimming the surface, vacuuming the floor, and scrubbing the walls & tile line for algae growth and debris accumulation. You should also consider testing and adjusting water chemistry levels to ensure pH and alkalinity are tested for water clarity and to prevent algae buildup.

Summer Pool Care

The sunshine and warmth have finally arrived. But wait; so does your need for increased pool usage. It is time for proper maintenance to keep the water clean and inviting. As temperatures rise with extended daylight hours, algae buildup becomes a significant concern for pool owners.

POOL MAINTENANCE For Beginners [Step-By-Step ACTION PLAN] | Swim University

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that untreated pool water can harbor harmful pathogens and bacteria, posing health risks to swimmers. Your pool will require regular shocking with chlorine & other sanitizers to eliminate organic contaminants and to maintain water quality. A durable cover is a prerequisite for every pool owner; consider covering it when it’s not in use to reduce debris accumulation, minimizing the need for constant cleaning. Here is a summer pool cleaning checklist for you to follow

  1. Skim the Surface – Use a pool skimmer to remove leaves, insects, and debris from the water surface.
  2. Check Water Level – Ensure the water level is halfway up the skimmer opening. Add water if necessary.
  3. Inspect Pool Equipment:
    • Check the pump and filter for proper operation.
    • Ensure the skimmer and pump baskets are clean.
  4. Test Water Chemistry – Use a test kit to check pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. Adjust chemicals as needed.
  1. Brush Pool Walls and Floor – Brush the walls, ladders, and corners to prevent algae buildup.
  2. Vacuum the Pool – Use a pool vacuum to clean the floor and remove sediment.
  3. Shock the Pool – Add a pool shock treatment to kill bacteria and algae. Follow manufacturer instructions for the amount.
  4. Clean the Skimmer Basket – Empty and clean the skimmer basket to ensure proper water flow.
  1. Inspect and Clean Pool Lights – Check pool lights for functionality and clean them if necessary.
  2. Deep Clean Pool Cover—Remove and thoroughly clean the pool cover, ensuring it’s free of debris and mold.
  3. Test for Calcium Hardness – Ensure calcium levels are within the recommended range to prevent scaling.

Fall Pool Care

With cooling temperatures and falling leaves, you must prepare for winter pool maintenance. Neglecting fall maintenance can be costly, as winter can lead to expensive repairs for damage during colder months. The American Red Cross recommends that pool owners regularly remove leaves and debris from the pool and surrounding area to prevent clogging filters and skimmers.

Lowering the water level and draining the plumbing lines are also recommended to help protect against colder temperatures, which can cause potential pipe damage. Invest in a protective cover for winter to protect your pool against debris and help retain heat.

Winter Pool Care

The inclement weather and freezing temperatures have arrived. Winter poses unique maintenance challenges for pool owners. The National Weather Service (NWS) reports that prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can cause water in pool pipes and equipment to expand, leading to cracks and leaks.

To avoid damage, pool maintenance experts recommend draining water from all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and heaters. Store all the equipment indoors or in a climate-controlled environment. In addition, invest in a winter pool cover and add antifreeze to plumbing lines to provide further protection against the freezing winter weather to ensure pool structure integrity.

Follow our checklist to keep your pool in pristine condition during the winter:

Pre-Winter Preparation

  1. Clean the Pool – Skim the surface, vacuum the pool, and brush the walls and floor to remove all debris and dirt.
  2. Balance the Water Chemistry – Test and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. Ensure the pool water is balanced to prevent damage during the winter.
  3. Shock the Pool – Add a shock treatment to kill bacteria and algae. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct amount.
  4. Add Algaecide – Use a winter algaecide to prevent algae growth during the off-season.
  5. Lower the Water Level – To prevent freezing damage, reduce the water level below the skimmer and tile line.
  6. Drain Pool Equipment – Drain water from the pump, filter, heater, and all other pool equipment to prevent freezing and damage.
  7. Blow Out the Lines – Use an air compressor to blow out any water from the plumbing lines to prevent freezing and cracking.

Cover the Pool

  1. Install the Pool Cover—Cover the pool with a durable winter pool cover to keep debris out and prevent algae growth.
  2. Secure the Cover—To prevent the Cover from blowing away, ensure it is tightly secured with water bags, cover clips, or a cable and winch system.
  3. Inspect the Cover Regularly – Check the pool cover periodically to ensure it remains secure and free of debris or snow buildup.

Monthly Maintenance

  1. Remove Debris – Clear leaves, branches, and other debris from the pool cover to prevent damage and maintain its integrity.
  2. Check the Water Level – Ensure the water level remains below the skimmer and tile line. Adjust if necessary.
  3. Inspect the Pool Cover – Look for any damage or areas where the Cover is not secure. Repair or adjust as needed.

Mid-Winter Check:

  1. Test the Water Chemistry – Check the pH and chlorine levels and adjust if necessary to prevent water issues.
  2. Add Mid-Winter Algaecide – If required, add another dose of algaecide to keep the water clear and algae-free.

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Maintaining a pristine pool season after season can begin to weigh on your personal schedule. However, it’s necessary to be proactive and adhere to the unique needs of every season to keep your source of relaxation and enjoyment in top shape.

From managing water clarity to routinely cleaning algae growth, follow our checklist and expert advice to protect your pool from spring to winter. Can’t make time? Sign up for the MIPECE lifestyle app today to hire a professional cleaner to handle the seasonal maintenance of your pool with complete peace of mind.


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