About Us

Welcome to Mi Pece, where we strive to make your life simpler and more harmonious by providing accessible care and comprehensive home services. Born from real-life challenges, our team faces in managing home and family care, Mi Pece stands as a beacon of support for families worldwide.

From caregivers to service providers specializing in cleaning, organization, cooking, and much more, we sought to create a system that simplifies these necessities. Our approach is intensely personal; we’ve been in situations where we’ve had to deal with the sudden cancellation of babysitters and even confront elder abuse from caregivers. These experiences have shaped our commitment to providing safe, reliable, and empathetic care.

We understand the importance of aligning personalities and styles in teaching or caregiving. This philosophy is ingrained in our AI Liaison system, ensuring that family members of all ages are paired with caregivers and service providers who are skilled and fit for their unique needs. Our comprehensive system encompasses everything from a detailed calendar to a one-stop payment center catering to various providers.

In essence, Mi Pece is not about providing services; it’s about building relationships, ensuring safety, and enhancing the quality of life. We invite you to experience the ease and tranquility that come with our services as we strive to make your life more manageable and fulfilling.

Our Mission

Our journey began with the quest for an easier way to build a supportive team for our home lives. We strive to bring ease in your way by overcoming challenges. Our creation of Mi Pece is a dedication to bring peace of mind and ease to your home life.

Our Vision for Your Family

We envision a world where every family enjoys peace of mind and an optimized home environment. By choosing Mi Pece, you’re not just selecting a service – you’re embracing a lifestyle of simplicity, safety, and satisfaction.

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Begin your journey with Mi Pece today. Let us take the stress out of managing your work, home, and family needs so you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying your life and loved ones.

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