Concern about your lifestyle management? MIPECE has got your back. Looking for any home services or offering one; that’s a place to be.

Before moving ahead, let’s take an overview of the types of home services MIPECE offers for you:

Home Life Service Makes Everything Easy – What Can You Avail At MIPECE With Powerful AI Liaison?

For both service providers and users who want to avail home life services, MIPECE AI liaison works for you for your improved lifestyle management if you need the following services or you deal with any of them:

  • Childcare Services
  • Tutors
  • Senior Home Care
  • Home Health Care Services
  • Pet Care Service
  • Private Transportation
  • Housekeeping
  • Home Maintenance Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Medical Specialists
  • Family Finances
  • Plumbing
  • Carpenter
  • Administration
  • Beauty
  • Personal Care Services
  • Or any related to the mentioned above.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries related to the types of lifestyle services at MIPECE.

Household Care Improves Your Lifestyle

Imagine the situation when you need a specific service, and you can’t find a suitable platform to get one. This is where MIPECE steps in, catering to a wide range of household care services that you may need any time at your home. For instance, you may need a home care service for your elderly, or perhaps a childcare service, all you need to do is open our App or website, sign in, and search for these service providers. Select the one which you think best matches your need and enjoy the service without hanging out in the market to search for these service providers. Let all your work be done while you stay in your comfort zone.

How Can You Join Us to Improve Managing Your Lifestyle?

For Users

Realize it! We are your need. Your home life often needs various services, from the list above and perhaps other than in the list. For joining us for free, you can visit our website,, or download our user-friendly Android App from the PlayStore; search “MIPECE,” and it will appear on the first rank. After you download it:

  • Start creating your account with your details, name, and contact number.
  • Select yourself as a user.
  • Fill out a form mentioning your home life needs.

If you register yourself from the website, the same procedure applies there. Our powerful AI liaison analyzes your requirements using its AI algorithm to find you the services you match best with.

P.S: Don’t forget to verify your email address after you create your account on the App or website.

For Service Providers

We believe you are already running your business and want to expand your business, taking it to the next level of success. Or perhaps, you are a startup and want to begin with providing your expert services. In any case, MIPECE is a perfect platform to increase your corporate sales, and ultimately, the revenue.

  • Create your account with MIPECE on the website or App.
  • Under “choose your account”, select “service provider,”
  • Start entering your details, including the business category.

Our AI liaison will set your business profile under a specific category, enabling the clients to find you under that specific category, place an order with you, or contact you.

Because We Care – Artificial Intelligence & Team Accessibilities

The combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence technology has made us unique. Unlike others, our system is based on hi-tech powerful AI liaison, enabling the clients and service providers to have an incredible user experience. Our business model is quite similar to a home care agency, which takes care of your all household needs; the difference is we don’t provide these services but gather all service providers and users in one place. Once our user fills up a form, our artificial intelligence technology knows what services you may need. MIPECE processes and takes care of the following parameters to have smooth communication between MIPECE team, clients, and service providers.

  • 24/7 access to care and services
  • Messaging center
  • Comprehensive calendar system
  • Service reports
  • A centralized pay structure

Keep reading this article for more information on these features.

Messaging Center: All-Rounder Home Life Solutions

Of course, you will want to stay in loop with the service provider once you placed an order. It enables you to message directly to your service provider and ask for any relevant details about arrival timing and services. This feature also allows you to share files, send text messages, and dial an audio or video call.

Comprehensive calendar system

Like Android & iOS, MIPECE also offers you to organize, plan, and schedule your lifestyle needs on particular dates and times using our calendar feature. Using this feature, you can add reminder, goals, and also create your to-do list and let your service provider takes care of it. You will be notified after the completion of each subsequent task to let you know all is falling accordingly as set.

Service reports

Of course, you will want to know about the status of the tasks you ordered. With MIPECE, you don’t need to rush after your service providers and ask them to update you about the work. The service providers will send you a complete status report at the end of each day. In some cases, the report may contain pictures or videos. Keeping this report in mind, you can have a better plan for the next visit of your caregiver, tutor, housekeeping, or transporter.

Centralized payment structure

Your protection is our priority. We made our system systematic when it comes to payment transactions, keeping the client and service provider secure. MIPECE receives payments from the clients and disburse to the service provider once the job is done. That makes our payment system and your money safe & secure.


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